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The Vamos Residence Apartment is located in Lebu. Vamos offers its clients a residence with a spectacular architectural feature and top-notch finishing materials, raising the value of both the apartment and the neighborhood. This region's cost is increasing quickly and this what makes it the best investment opportunity.

The finishing materials are imported and will be installed by qualified personnel, and each stage of the construction process is carefully supervised.


Vamos Trading PLC is a real estate development company. Vamos is an Ethiopian company, based in Addis Ababa. Vamos real estate is committed in providing the highest quality lifestyle by constructing, delivering and standing out tall in the Real Estate market.

We place a high value on the competence to complete jobs and projects on time. We work very hard for quality through measuring and improving on a regular basis. Our strength is exemplified by our ability to be credible and accountable to our clients.

Vamos believes that investment capacity and construction standards are critical. We want to make one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, and quality-focused improvements so our clients have access to the finest creative, design, and constructions.

Our Vision

To establish the best building materials, infrastructure, and real estate development in order to provide the best quality real estate.

Our Mission

We work hard to deliver trustworthy and satisfactory real estate development in order to earn the satisfaction and trust of our clients. To that end, we are continually developing our employees, who put in endless effort to provide the greatest apartments. Vamos real estate, in our opinion, will continue to offer the greatest apartments in Addis Ababa while expanding in size and strength.

Let's Find Your Future Home Together!

It Is Our Goal To Develop the Best Real Estate in Ethiopia That Represent the Economical and the Comfort of Modern Day Luxury Living While Also Giving Exceptional Investment Opportunities.

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